Friday, April 4, 2014

Are femininity and feminism compatible?

I feel the need to deal with this subject because I often feel annoyed by comments I hear about feminists... Allusions that seem to imply that a feminist is an ugly aggressive woman who has issues with her womanhood so much to the point that she wants to be like a man. Oh and I forgot to add this typical macho comment "Feminists are lesbians HAHAHA". Huh... Or allusions of some other sort, which imply that girly-girls cannot be feminists. The two allusions are not very far from one another actually, and, let's face it, are ridiculous. I am outraged that about 50 years after the beginnings of the feminist movements these ideas still float around like fashionable things to say... That's why I gathered some reactions that, I believe, give all the answers possible to this whole big question of whether femininity and feminism are compatible. And just in case you still wondered, yes they are, since they have nothing to do with each other... You could be a feminist and love make-up, and wear feminine outfits etc, and you could also be the boyish type of girl and not have feminist ideas. Feminism is a body of ideas and ideals, whose main train of thought is woman's emancipation and the idea that women should have the same rights and opportunities than men. Femininity is an aspect of one's personality and look, it is something personal that concerns you and only you. So I really don't see why one should interfere with the other... BUT I do believe that many women hide exhibitionism behind the gross statement that they are feminist. I don't believe that a feminist needs to be "naked" in order to prove that she has free will and free control over her body. And you might not agree with me, and that's alright. Because I feel that in our society we sometimes fail to make the difference between women's objectivization and women's emancipation... But that's another subject, that I'll very soon tackle in another article!

So here's first of all some blog articles that answer to the question of femininity's and feminism's compatibility:

Here are two Tedxtalks videos on Youtube, one that I have already posted by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie, where she talks about the struggles she faces being a Nigerian woman and showing that we should all be feminists:

And the other one is a speech by Chameli Ardagh who says with loads of humor that we should embrace our femininity, even the aggressive/protective part of it, which comes out when people we care about are harmed, and how she should learn to control it. This video might not exactly be the topic of today's article, but I find it very interesting to hear, for once, the powerful aspects that femininity has, and that we can all recognize ourselves in what she describes :

I also invite you to watch or read these women, who are both youtubers/bloggers and feminists. They talk about feminine things like make-up, hair, outfits, hijabs, etc. But they also have opinions, they give much more then pieces of advice on beauty & fashion matters, they are outraged at inequalities and talk about it when they feel the need to, they bring positiveness to their viewers lives, and they, above all, give their viewers self confidence by showing them how to embrace their femininity. I'll probably introduce them individually in some future articles, but here are some of my favorites:

1) Hélène (french speaking): 
2)Dulce Candy (english speaking): 
3) Pearl Daisy(english speaking): 
4) Michelle Phan (english speaking): 

And finally,here's the video clip of Beyoncé's song "Grown woman", just to end this article positively in a song that encompasses both femininity and feminism :

Have a great day, and keep your mind sharp!

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