Sunday, April 20, 2014

Are some subjects better than others?

Today I'd like to talk about something that angers me much. I, and probably you too, live in a world where some subjects, mostly in University, but in the working life too, are seen as very hard, and others as very easy. Furthermore, it seems that these "very hard" subjects, seem to be more worthy of choosing in university, simply because they seem more prestigious. And all the others, are found less interesting, sometimes to the point where someone studying such a subject is lead to feel diminished about his/her choice. Now, in my naive world, each and every subject is worth our time. In my mind, you should study, if you want to, and what it is that you like the most, be it masonry, fashion, philosophy, physics, or geography. I don't find any of the previous ones uninteresting. I maybe don't personally have any particular interest for them, but I can certainly understand how people could be drawn to them, just as I can see how important it is for all of these subjects to continue to be taught.

But my world, nowadays, seems like a perfect world. And I find this very sad and revolting. In the country I live in, the subject I've chosen is not that well considered. I study modern languages and literature. I often hear comments that seem to imply that everyone knows languages, so why bother learning ONLY that when you can learn something way more important. Huh. Yet, I read in a British article that modern languages is considered to be one of the hardest subjects, alongside mathematics and sciences in the UK. How can that be? Isn't it funny how our society dictates our personal choices in life? How can society know what suits me best? How can somebody else make a choice for me? A choice that will shape my entire life, but not his/hers.

And then again, why should we all want to become actors, singers, musicians and sportsmen? Why should we want to be famous? Even shy people... I, myself, spent ten years of my life wanting to be a singer/dancer/actress/model... Yet, I can't sing properly, can dance but as an amateur, and am too shy to pronounce a rehearsed sentence in front of other people. Let alone that I basically spend my days deciding what will my next meal be... How could it then be, that in my mind I was so sure that that was my dream, when I would never be able to fulfill it? It is as if I was conducted to consider somebody else's dreams as mine. To what extent aren't we all shaped by what television, or our surroundings say that we should or shouldn't be? Wouldn't it be both better and more diversified if we all did what we like doing, or what we're good at? And not what society likes better? Shouldn't we all have the right to CONSCIOUSLY choose what will be our working field for the rest of our lives?

I encourage you to read this article for an exemplification of what is commonly considered as a good or not that good subject in the UK:

What I'll probably do in the months to come is to take one subject at a time and talk about its good and bad aspects, both as a person who studies/works in that field, and as someone external to the subject/field, in order to break the stereotypes we all might have about all subjects I can think of!

Have a great day, and keep your mind sharp!

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