Thursday, April 3, 2014

Even the rain - Tambien la lluvia

Today I'd like to talk about a historical and political movie called "Tambien la lluvia". It is a movie about the production of a movie that tackles with the colonization of 1492 by Christopher Colombus. It is very interesting because the actors and filmmakers of the colonization of South America are openly judgmental on how the colonizers abused the colonized, but at the same time don't seem to realize that the country they came to film in, Bolivia, is in a comparable situation at the time of filming, and that they themselves take profit of those poor Bolivians (they went in Bolivia to film because local actors were very cheap). In fact, at that time, Bolivians are rebelling against the economic colonization that takes place by means of privatization of vital goods, such as water. At first, Tambien la lluvia shows three distinct kinds of scenes: the ones that stage the colonization of 1492, the ones that show the reality of Bolivians who try to rebel for the basic human rights that are stolen from them, and the ones where we see the reactions of the Spanish actors and filmmakers towards both colonizations, i.e. that of 1492, and the current one in Bolivia. Then all three are kind of mingled together and make us position ourselves as omniscient viewers, which allows us to see the parallel between the three situations, while the characters of the movie cannot. It is a very humane movie, that gives another insight to things than we are generally used to. And its political position makes it even more interesting, since, again, we're not used to movies being that politically committed. 

Here's an insight to the movie with its trailer:

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