Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Female Genital Mutilation

Today's article won't be a proper article. As the title says, the subject I want to tackle is excision, or female genital mutilation, but because of the seriousness of it and the lack of information I have about it and how much this subject affects me, I can only draw your attention to articles and videos that I found, when searching for sources on which to base my own article. I thought I would find so much information, and videos about it that it would allow me to do a whole file on excision, as I usually do with the other subjects I mention, but the striking truth is that I found a subject that wasn't as easily spoken of as I thought. And that is why I prefer to remain voiceless (as voiceless as can be when writing an article on something important obviously!), and prefer to give you links that might enlighten you by themselves anyway, truly hoping that you will find them interesting enough to make excision matter to you, as much as it matters to me. My only hope with this article is to raise consciousness on something that, to me, is a crime. And maybe in the articles to come I will find the wisdom and strength needed to write about it the same way I write about other serious subjects. 

The first link is, as usually, a life-changing (and I'm not exaggerating) TedTalk video, which made me both laugh and cry, and which, of all the links that will follow, I highly recommend that you see:

Then, the second is a very complete article on excision in English. It basically mentions every aspect of it: how, why, consequences, and future prospects: 

Here is UNICEF's very interesting campaign against mutilation:

Then, here's the link to a french-speaking website that not only explains excision just as the previous article did, but which also reacts to it, by promoting literature, movies etc. 

And then here's a french-speaking video, which is a review of a documentary on excision, that will soon be available on the Internet, called "Femmes entièrement femmes":

Have a great day, and keep your mind sharp!

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