Friday, April 18, 2014

Is pornography alright?

I've been wanting to tackle this subject since the very beginning of my blog, but I never quite knew how to do it properly. As you probably know by now, what I do to inspire me, is to search on TedTalk's Youtube channel for videos that talk about a particular subject. And this is what I once again did. I first stopped watching this video called "Why I stopped watching porn" because it went into some details that I thought were irrelevant for me to show you. But then, a few days later, I watched it again, entirely this time, and I was in awe at how bright this speech actually was. Ran Gavrieli starts from his own experience to a more general view of the problems that pornography presents, to making a virulent but honest and logical statement about how pornography is as bad as prostitution. He even says at one point that pornography "is in the spectrum of prostitution". Which, as you may have guessed, I believe to be true. I feel, just like him, that pornography is very wrong, and for many reasons. 

We are somehow invited to feel that pornography is okay, that it is even fun. But I just want to say no to that. As you know, I have no problem whatsoever with sexuality as such, but I have a problem with other things, such as people's exploitation, people's objectification, men driven to believe that being aggressive towards women is the way to be. YES, all these are VERY wrong. You may think I'm exaggerating, but I am not. Pornography is filmed prostitution. The difference being that instead of renting some person's body, you rent many people's bodies and their forced sexuality. And in doing that, you're not only making prostitution seem less problematic than it really is, but you encourage people to feel good with themselves watching those. You encourage people to see intercourse as some aggressive act that a man does to a woman. You make it ok for a woman to respond to each and every desire that a man has. Furthermore, you make oth men and women feel that forced sexual intercourse is normal.You allow youngsters to understand sexuality in a way that it isn't. Wait! There's more to it than just that! Did you know that porn websites actually have categories of videos? Categories of the type of girl you'd prefer, type of breasts, hair, etc. Just like in a shop for sex kind of thing. Do you find that normal? Is it the way life really is? Aren't men thus driven to ask for the same things in real life too? You still find pornography kind of cool? Then, what about categories like "rape"? Does that sound foolish to you? Is it something you'd expect those around you to watch? Is rape nothing more today than a desire, just like any other one? Has today's society forgotten what's right from wrong? How can we punish people for raping other people, when we sell them rape online, as if it were normal? 

Pornography, Ran Gavrieli says, "is an embodiment of sex exploitation working side by side with human traffic, raping, pimping, solicitation." Pornography isn't a private thing that you have the right to purchase. Or at least, it shouldn't be that way! Is everything about marketing and business nowadays, to th point where we can even close our eyes to such crimes? Becuse that's what they are! But pornography shouldn't just be shamed and not talked about! That's not the way to deal with problems now, is it? If we need to talk about all types of inequalities, then why is it that bad to talk about such themes as rape, pornography or prostitution? What we need to do is to realize that no harm is done in talking about it, quite the contrary! What you're basically doing, is talking about harm already done and that keeps being done, to which people generally don't react. How is that normal? Pornography is dangerous. It affects sexuality, sexual responsibility, and shuts away any normal emotions. Let alone that it delivers a fake image of reality, that people will tend to prefer to the real one. 

And, last but not least, when you watch, rent, or purchase prostitution, what you actually do is that you perpetuate this business based on human trafficking & violation and that you tolerate sexual aggressivity towards an other being, and that you encourage women's passivity as a response to this aggressivity. If you erase the word pornography, which mysteriously seems to trick our reason and our ideals, what would you independently think of each and every aspect of it I just mentioned? That feeling of outrage that you probably feel inside, that is the normal feeling that you should have towards both pornography and prostitution. Don't be fooled by all the "it's-not-that-bad" kind of speeches that you hear, as they're only based on profit-minded thoughts or self "no blame no shame" kind of self-reassuring and demoralizing comments. 

I'll let you watch this video I've been talking about, a speech by Ran Gavrieli, who treats the subject with apparent humour, yet also with deep concern:

Have a great day, and keep your mind sharp!

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