Friday, April 11, 2014

Miss Representation or Misrepresentation

I recently saw this movie called "Miss Representation" and I literally fell in love with it. I already knew before watching it that I would be interested (obviously!) but I never thought it would be that good! To me, and this will sound very cliché, Americans weren't much into feminism, since they didn't seem to care about the very antifeministic way women were shown in the media. The reason I believed that, wasn't because I had some stereotype in my mind, since I only know Americans from another continent's point of view, I cannot know their mentality. I had this image in my head because of what the media show. And what most American media show are sort of empowered women, but in the sense that they have money and are (supposedly, c.f. my previous article) sexually free, but have loads of addictions like shoes, bags, make-up,etc., which make them look frivolous. And on the other hand, very empowered working men, who care for they family, AND are good people. If you, like me, pay attention to those kinds of images drawn about each sex, you will get the same kind of general idea (and perhaps misconception) about the difference of empowerment men and women have in America.

And then BAM! I watch this movie and it feels like a revelation. This movie is a burning criticism of American modern society! It shows how women's roles have been diminished, how women are condemned to perpuate the same stereotypes over and over in every part of their lives, be it to get a job, to get a partner, to have children, etc. Women are confined to a specific role, and when they try to get out of it, they are vehemently booed as if they were trying to destabilize the oh so pretty American conservative pattern of life ideals. It shows many statistics, many succesful women, well-known actresses, younger or older women, all telling the same kind of stories. This movie also evokes the problem of media, how only one image of the woman is represented, that all women in the world try to ressemble, and how impossible that is, since we're all different. But different for a woman isn't good, remember? We must all try to conform to that ideal 15-years-old-model-who's-been-photoshopped-so-much-she-doesn't-even-look-like-herself kind of woman that we'll never be able to become, while men live happily ever after in a world where a maxim that grossly states that their differences make them unique and empower them... Huh... And then, it also tackles age matters, how the image of woman that is represented in the media is always in between 15 to 35 MAX! After 35 you're not that desirable anymore, you have to "fight" time with all kinds of tools to trick the audience into thinking that you're younger than you are, so that again, an image of a unique type of woman is showed. This whole conspiracy leads women all over the world to feel bad the way they are, any way they are, and make them want to be someone they will never be able to be. And consequently, constantly living a life of self-shame, and self-disgust, if I dare say... 

I really recommend that you see this movie! It is so very much worth your while! If the kind of things I described appal you, this movie is just the thing you need! If your image of women in America is the way mine used to be, you'll be both convinced of how wrong this patriarchal ideas are, and how strong American women are too, just as any other women in any other country! And if you are a sceptic, then I have no better movie than "Miss representation" to prove you wrong!

Here's the movie's trailer:

And finally, here is the link to the documentary's website where you can find any information you'd like about it!

I truly hope you'll like it as much as I did!

Have a great day, and keep your mind sharp!

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