Monday, April 21, 2014

Sex and the City

Today's article will be a short one, since I won't talk about anything important. I only wanted to remind us all of this series called "Sex and the City". I had heard a great many things about it but only came to watch it fully this summer, and I loved it! I'm not saying that I loved every aspect of it, but I liked the storyline, and the four female characters! I also loved the subjects it tackled! I love the fact that it is so free and yet so funny! I feel like it was a series that needed to be made. Women are empowered, in a world that sees sexism, but that goes beyond it, and where girls and women are as powerful and free as men. And I have to say that that is worth all the things that I found a little annoying about it. I think that all women can see a little of themselves in all four protagonists, and in all the other characters represented in the series. And the same goes for men. What I find lovely about it is the way it truly mingles all the things that we believe to be contraries. It revisits many themes that we find taboo in such a funny way, that the embarrassment we might feel seeing some scenes almost directly changes into deep and frank laughter. I feel like this series found a way to unable our society to talk about many things that really happen, but that we feel we shouldn't say. In other words, if you can get over the sex scenes, you'll love everything about Sex and City! And, most of all, you'll learn oh so many things, and not that much those that you expect to find, mislead by the title of the series, but much more about New York, or trends, or society's taboos, emotions, relationships, working life, people's expectations, etc. 

Have a great day, and keep your mind sharp!

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