Sunday, May 4, 2014

A Little Bit of Heaven

I've seen a movie, about a year or so ago, thinking that I was to watch some silly comedy with Kate Hudson, and was completely seduced by this both funny and very sad "Little Bit of Heaven". It is about a woman in her thirties whose motto is something like have fun and be careless. But one day, she goes to the doctor and discovers that she has a tumor. While she's obviously shocked, she still wants her life to continue just the way it has always been, to the general surprise and lack of understanding of the people around her. It is as if she is the one reassuring them that it isn't that bad, while she is trying to pretend like she doesn't see the difference in her life. Of course, at some point, she's exhausted and her sickness really starts to show, but even then, she is quite positive about her future, and accepts whatever her future might be. She prepares people around her for the worst, to a point where she seems to forget that she's the one hurting. I won't go into much more details because I'll spoil you the whole movie, but I highly encourage you to see it! It's the incredible story of a beautiful and strong person going through sickness with both acceptance and positivity, she's an example, really. 

Here's the movie trailer:

Have a great day, and keep your mind sharp!

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