Saturday, May 17, 2014


As I already told you yesterday, I'm currently studying the Beat Generation movement of writers, amongst which is a poet whose name is Allen Ginsberg. Allen Ginsberg was gay, and for the majority of his life, his homosexuality was considered intolerable, which partly contributed to his attempts to commit suicide and a trial against one of his poems, "Howl", considered obscene. So I find it very fitting to, at last, deal with the subject of homophobia. Homophobia is described n the Oxford dictionary as "An extreme and irrational aversion to homosexuality and homosexual people." Although, since Ginsberg's youth, many years (and decades) have passed, homophobia is still very palpable in our society. And even amongst those who don't hate homosexuals, there are innumerable amounts of people not accepting it as being simply somebody's feature, but who see it as a deficiency, as something unnatural. Well, do I have to remind you that in nature, there are many examples where one sex is drawn to the same sex? Or where our supposedly correct dichotomized image of what male and female should be, and how each sex should behave is outrun by the reality of a snail (being both sexes), or a see horse (where the male carries the child in his belly)? So i guess this so-called argument of being natural or not isn't a real one.

What happens is that our beliefs make us accept it or not. And this is something completely different. I can get how disturbing it must be to have beliefs that condemn such natural features and then accept homosexuality as such. But what I cannot understand is the hate, the lack of sympathy towards a human being whose feelings and preferences are condemned, or even shamed by society. I cannot accept the idea that someone is less because he/she thinks or feels another way than what we were taught. I cannot see why it is such a huge controversy whether someone is attracted by a woman or man. And I cannot cope with the idea that someone has to be judged and feel conflicted about something that he/she him/herself feels is the right thing. Homophobia is a form of discrimination. It is a way of putting people aside because they are different from what we consider to be normal. But normal doesn't exist. Normal is an illusion! We're all normal, and not normal at the same time. We're all the same, and different at the same time. So why would one difference matter more than another? Why would one be so problematic when it harms no one! 

Here is a small article about homophobia that I found very interesting:

And he is an official website that specifically deals with homophobia. You can find all sorts of informations that you could be interested in!

And finally, here is the song "Same Love" by Macklemore and Ryan Lewis, that is quite opportune for today's theme, and which is, by the way, very beautiful!

Have a great day, and keep your mind sharp!

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