Monday, May 12, 2014

Is there a transgender issue?

Is there a transgender issue?
Transgender means in between genders. It means that there is no distinct boundary between the sexes. Many people are transgender, yet it is a somewhat taboo subject. It seems like, as always, not conforming to the precise stereotypes and prejudice applied to people in society means either hate or indifference. And I can't understand that. I can't get why society would feel ashamed of someone different than what it is used to see, or should I say, what it wants to see. I feel like every time someone isn't exactly as he/she should be, he/she is excluded from society, unless he/she tries to deny his/her true self, to conform to the gross idea we have of what a person should be. But then, I thought that the logic of this categorization was for most people on earth to be able to be put into the boxes society has created for them, wasn't that the aim? So what happens when nobody actually is this ideal (not in my mind, of course) human being, with definite characteristics that must apply to everybody? Well, I suppose there are two solutions. Either you accept it, and realize that categorization, at least the way it is done now isn't helping, quite the contrary really. Or you don't accept it, and don't want to see it or talk about it, you become obsessed with this ideal person, and you force people around you to do the same, so that everybody knows no one conforms to this ideal, but yet everyone wants to be that person. Does that make sense to you? Because it doesn't make any sense to me. Even so, the second (sick) solution is the path society has chosen to follow. 

Did you know that suicides in the transgender population is 9 times higher than in the rest of the population? Did you know there is a day of vigil transgender remembrance, the 20th of November? Do you ever hear about transgender injustice or discrimination? Because I know I don't. If I don't search for these facts, I won't be confronted with them. Why is that important? Because it means that if I don't get this type of information, then the rest of the world doesn't either. It means that, though we supposedly live in a civilized world of equality, some of the worst discrimination forms aren't mentioned, let alone dealt with! What it also means, is that if non-transgender people don't get the information, then transgender people are all alone in this. It means that they are lead to feel ashamed of themselves, to hate themselves, to not even know what it means to be transgender, to feel lost in a society that doesn't represent them! I find it outrageous that these people are lead to think that they are not normal, that they are people with a problem. No. They are not the problem! The problem is the way WE see them. Imagine a world where to be a woman or a man or transgender, or even gay, doesn't make a difference to what value you have. Wouldn't it be great to finally embrace the human being in its totality? Because that's what it is! To be man, or woman, or transgender, means to be a human being, with different characteristics, that neither better or worse, that just are. It is about time we stopped living in fear of ourselves and of others, and that we start accepting reality and opening ourselves to real world. It is time to stop living in the illusion of fitting in the boxes that society has created for us, by conforming to how we should be, and to finally live as we feel inside. That is what's normal.

Here is a TedTalk speech by Geena Rocero, a model who speaks up about what transgender people have to face during their lives, and as a support to all of them makes her coming out in telling her own story of being transgender feels and is perceived:

And another one by Yee Won Chong, in which he explains that the sex assigned to someone doesn't represent how someone feels inside, and exemplifies it with his own transgender story:

Have a great day, be open to the real world, and keep your mind sharp!

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