Saturday, August 23, 2014


I've read a great book last week, and I am still thinking about it so much I can't put myself to read any other! It's called Delicacy and was written by David Foenkinos. It is originally written in French, the language in which I read it... If I had to find one word to describe it, it would be "beautiful". Everything about it is truly beautiful. It is the story of many characters, but I dare say a woman could be seen as the real protagonist. We see about ten years of her life, but while also living through other's lives. I don't know how clear this is. So, basically, you follow this woman through these ten years, but in parallel, and according to her relation with them, you sometimes have chapters entirely about people she knows or might meet in the very near future. 

It is just exquisite, not only by its style, but by the simplicity of it all. It isn't a book about great philosophy, but a book reflecting life as it is. I think that is what makes it so addictive. You're completely compelled by both the story and the very short chapters, with sometimes only a few lines. In other words, it is a pleasant surprise, that makes want to read more of David Foenkinos' books, but also want to watch the movie by the same name, with Audrey Tautou playing the female protagonist role, and David Foenkinos being the filmmaker together with his brother. I know you might feel a little perplexed because of the lack of information about the plot, but I do it on purpose. It is a story to which I cannot give you a sneak peak, or it would destroy it all! All I can tell you is that it is about true love, fate, death, incongruous love, laughter, and of course, delicacy.

Here's the movie trailer though, so that you still get a general idea of its style!

Have a great day, and keep your mind sharp!

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