Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Under the Dome

Recently, I've been literally obsessed by the series "Under the Dome". I can't even begin to tell you how much I like it! It's based on Stephen King's novel of the same title, and tells the story of a small town in the USA where nothing ever happens, which is suddenly trapped under a transparent dome. Nobody knows where it came from, what it is made of, why it came and why on such a small and insignificant town. People completely freak out, both inside and outside the dome when they realize that they're completely cut off from the other side. The dome is actually a completely separate ecosystem from the rest of the world, like a mini world in the real world. 

As the days pass, people from the outside world start losing hope and stop showing up (I'm very very very grossly summarizing the whole story, obviously!), people inside the dome experience all kinds of (mortal) trouble. The story is just incredible! You get through each and every episode wanting more! It's a short series, with 13 episodes a season, which leaves it no choice but to be entertaining from beginning to end. But beyond the great plot, it's a real reflexion that you have going on in "Under the Dome". You're constantly challenged to see how you would react to every situation happening. You see people change, people lose their minds, others becoming heroes, and it doesn't seem that far fetched. In general, in those types of series, there comes a point where you just can't "believe" in it anymore, but here there's no such thing. You literally live the story yourself. I won't ramble any further because I'll spoil you the whole thing, but please go watch Under the Dome, you will love it from the very first episode!

Here's the movie trailer to wet your appetite!

Have a great day, and keep your mind sharp!

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